Not Again: Chris Brown’s Home Invaded By 3 Armed Men, Aunt Forced Into Closet (Video)

July 15, 2015 0

Chris Brown literally cannot cut a break ever it seems like. In the wee hours of the morning, one of his recently purchased homes in Tarzana, CA was invaded & robbed by 3 armed men. No one but his aunt was at the home at the time of the robbery, & authorities say that the gunman forced her into a closet as they went on with the robbery. At this time, there aren’t many details on what happen, but we do know that the aunt heard a noise that made her go check it out. As she did so, she was greeted by 3 armed men who forced her into a closet and stole a large amount of cash, electronics, & other personal belongings.

The investigation is still ongoing, so hopefully we’ll learn more of what happened as the day pans out. Thank God no one was hurt, but I’m sure Chris Brown would have much rather to have gotten a call saying another eccentric fan broke into his home & was laying in his bed.. That case alone is probably what sparked these robbers on this act. Tough break.

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