Spike Lee Will Be Involved In NBA 2K16; Curry, Harden & Durant Will Each Cover NBA 2K16 (Photos)

April 24, 2015 0


NBA 2K has a following like no other NBA game ever and recently music moguls Jay Z and Pharrell have been involved in the creation and soundtrack for the game. With the 2014-15 NBA Season currently in playoff mode, news leaked that film maker and lifetime New York Knicks fan Spike Lee with be involved with NBA 2K16. Not only will Spike Lee be taking on this new endeavor, two time cover man Kevin Durant, NBA MVP candidates Steph Curry and James Harden will also have their own covers.


According to Polygon.com, 

Lee’s involvement has been rumored over the past month. In mid-March, the New York Post mentioned he was “in San Francisco working on an NBA video-game project,” and had attended a Knicks shootaround at the University of San Francisco. 2K Games and Visual Concepts, its in-house sports studio, is located in Novato, a suburb north of the city. Shortly after, a sideline reporter in a Knicks broadcast also said Lee was involved in the game.


Lee’s association with pro basketball is well known and a major part of his public persona. He wrote and directed 1998’s acclaimed He Got Game, a basketball film starring Ray Allen, with cameos by numerous NBA stars and league figures. From his courtside seat at Madison Square Garden, Lee figured prominently in the Knicks’ memorable mid-1990s rivalry with Reggie Miller and the Indiana Pacers. His Mars Blackmon character, originally from the 1986 film She’s Gotta Have It, is perhaps more well known for pestering Michael Jordan in a series of 1980s and 1990s ads for Nike.

As for the cover stars, 2K Sports did separate covers in 2011 with Jordan, Magic Johnson and Larry Bird, and put three stars — Blake Griffin, Derrick Rose and Durant — on the cover of NBA 2K13. Durant’s appearance would be his third for the series, remarkable but not unprecedented for 2K Sports. Harden cut promotional videos for NBA 2K15 last year. Curry has had no formal involvement with the game. 

Spike Lee has a history with basketball as he filmed may Nike/Jordan commercials, filmed the hit movie “He Got Game” starring Ray Allen and as mentioned before, he is a lifetime New York Knicks fan. No release date has been confirmed yet for NBA 2K16 so stay tuned to HHS1987 for more information.

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