Wu-Tang Clan Aint Nothin’ To F*ck Wit’: Popa Wu Runs Down On Action Bronson At Sean Price’s Funeral! (Video)

August 12, 2015 1


If you talk ish (especially to a Wu-Tang member), eventually you will have to back those words up. Last night Wu-Tang affiliate Popa Wu posted a video of him and Action Bronson addressing what the rapper said on ESPN about Ghostface Killah back in June.

Look at the video below, and let us know if you can decipher what to take from the expression on Bronson’s face is saying!

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  • dazeone

    He was wrong wasn’t the place for that not to mention. …Ghostface needs to sit him down and talk to him man to man and move on….Ghostface got him by at least 15 years and would obviously beat him physically and probably on the mic. Action is dope..but dude is always high…check him and move on…