Dame Dash Visits B-Real In “The Smokebox” (Video)

May 19, 2015 0

It’s super smoked out & probably even harder to breathe in B-Real’s “The Smokebox” interview series, but the conversations are organic & enjoyable to those that keep up.

The infamous “Champagne Dame” was the next up to spark one with the legendary Cypress Hill member. During their session, the two talked on the very necessary legalization of marijuana, Dame’s unyielding determination to become one of Hip-Hop’s greatest classic movie suppliers, & much more.

We don’t usually hear much about Dame’s problems with Spitta, but B-Real managed to get Dusko to open up about the situation a bit & we learn his perspective on it.

Would have really been dope to hear why he was omitted from the roster of those from the R-O-C to touch the stage during Jay-Z’s B-Sides concert, but we already know how that goes..

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