Don’t Get It Twisted: Spike Lee Responds To Critics Of “Chi-Raq” Movie Trailer (Video)

November 6, 2015 0

Don’t get it twisted people..

A few days ago, Spike Lee & his 40 Acres & A Mule Film Company released the official trailer to his upcoming cinema piece, “Chi-Raq”. With the way the trailer was mapped out, people mistook the satire & its severity for a comedy that ridiculed the ruthlessness that has become mainstream & standard in the city of Chicago.

Social media went into a complete uproar as people gave their stern opinion on Spike Lee & his depiction of the Chicago violence, so to clean things up quick & swift, Spike released something like a PSA. He made it very clear in his visual announcement that he in no fashion, shape, or form, made light of the murdering that take place in Chicago with his movie– Chi-Raq is indeed a satire, not a comedy.

Don’t get the humor twisted folks, what happens in this movie & in real life is just that, real. With that being said, don’t ever question that man Spike Lee. He Got Game..

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