Someone Screams Out “You Are A Rapist” During Bill Cosby’s Comedy Show (Video)

January 13, 2015 0

Of course we knew something like this was bound to happen after learning that Bill Cosby would be going on a comedy tour. Here’s the scoop, courtesy of TMZ.. During his show in Ontario, Canada, an obviously dubious person took it amongst themselves to ruin the show by screaming out “you are a rapist” while Cosby was speaking. Fans in the crowd were upset by the unneccessary antic, but “America’s Favorite Dad” handled it beyond well & calmed the crowd. In a calming, almost hypnotic voice, he told the audience to quiet down.

Stop it. Stop it. Stop it. That’s right. No clapping. No nothing. It’s alright. Okay. We just have patience. Okay.

The heckler was kicked out of the show & shortly after, a woman got up  to head to the bar for a drink. When Cosby asked her where she was going, she responded saying she was going to the bar. Jokingly, Cosby told the woman “you got to be careful when you drink around me.”

This is the most humorous thing we’ve heard from Cosby since the sex allegations surfaced. Clearly, he is unmoved by the situation if he’s now making subliminal jokes about it. I think that speaks volumes..

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