The FADER Tells Us Everything We Need To Know About Kevin Gates In Their Latest Interview (Video)

November 20, 2015 0

Kevin Gates comes off as a rapper whose life story & messages within his music contributes to the phrase many emcees within the culture use, “it’s deeper than rap”.

I bet there’s a lot we could learn from & about Louisiana’s own. The FADER recently connected with Gates for the latest installment of their Everything You Need To Know About series, & we DEFINITELY learn some interesting things:

#1. He legit is some kind of god. At least according to the people he surrounds himself with that tell him so

#2. He has a rather large… foot (we’ll leave it there on that one, folks. Pretty self-explanatory)

#3. He legit just doesn’t get tired (see, it’s deeper than rap) & his favorite bar spot in NYC is “Vampire Bars”, which he regulars at about 3-4am, most times

#4. The kid is an avid reader & LOVES visiting Barnes & Nobles when he goes city to city. Call him a Barnes & Nobles connoisseur (haha).

#5. He’s kinda sorta a hippie. He’d rather be outside lighting that spliff than inside on the couch doing so.

Shoutout to Fader for this series. This one was pretty entertaining.

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