Wale Gives Fans A Peak Behind-The-Scenes Of His Stop In D.C. During His “Simply Nothing” Tour

January 13, 2015 0

Wale takes us behind the scenes while getting himself together for the fourth show of his Simply Nothing tour at The Filmore, one of the more popular music venues in D.C.. He let Aladdin “Prince Of The Airwaves” in on the fact that he actually took a year off from touring so he had to get the feel for being on stage again. He also said that he forgets his own lyrics sometimes, so he has to practice his performances a lot. Touring with a live band is an entire different ball game contrary to just having a  DJ traveling with you; it’s far more expensive & takes a ton of effort, which fans fail to understand sometimes.

Nevertheless, Wale still makes it do what it do, in more ways than one. His “Every Blue Moon” brand gives DMV artists an outlet to be heard on. The real objective is to bring together artists & designers with hopes to change the future of the culture.

Here’s a little fun fact taken from the behind-the-scenes video, Aladdin & Wale had class together at Bowie State. Follow those dreams! They’ll take you far..

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