Samurai Shin Vs Xia-Dawn: Ken

March 19, 2016 0

unnamed-35 Samurai Shin Vs Xia-Dawn: Ken

Co-creator/Executive Producer Of “Samurai Shin” Mikel. M from Toronto, Canada and Producer/Artist Xia-Dawn from Miami, FL did on their collaborative mixtape called SAMURAI SHIN VS XIA-DAWN. When you get your free download of SAMURAI SHIN VS XIA-DAWN you get two new comic strips from “Samurai Shin” Episode 1 Web Comic Book. The mixtape also features from P.Soul, Kuro Silence, Mikel.M, Tripstyle, AJB4 & Voice Over Actor “LeQan Bennett”. Music inspired by comics and anime, my favorite elements to combine on a project. Samurai Shin is inspired from two anime shows like Samurai Champloo and Afro Samurai. Check Out Our Review On NikkiSiixx

Samurai Shin OST Is Coming In May.

Samurai Shin

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