11 New Songs From The Weeknd Have Been Leaked!

May 19, 2016 0

Screen-Shot-2016-05-19-at-9.55.08-AM-1-500x375 11 New Songs From The Weeknd Have Been Leaked!

That saying “n*ggas aint ya’ n*ggas” applies to the celebraton world as well. The Weeknd recently learned that the hard way, as 11 new tracks from the Abel catalogue have now been leaked to the net.

Some of the leaks are said to be reference tracks and demos for other artists, and others seem to be rough ideas and finalized products. Some of the leaks includes songs titled Be Amazing Be God, Beautiful Desires, Wanna See A Secret, & Lonely Thoughts. 

There isn’t any word out as to who leaked the tracks, or where they were leaked from, but the gems are now available to the public.

We know that he & Justin Timberlake are in the studio together making new music, so THANK GOD nothing from those sessions have surfaced. Hopefully security amongst his material gets tighter after this. Nobody likes to feel played, man.

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