Maxwell Brown Motivational Speech at Sharrif Floyd’s Football Camp in Philly

August 29, 2016 0

maxwell-brown-500x279 Maxwell Brown Motivational Speech at Sharrif Floyd's Football Camp in Philly

A few weeks ago Minnesota Vikings player and Philly’s own Sharrif Floyd took time out of his schedule to throw a free camp for the youth of Philadelphia. The camp featured numerous NFL stars from across the league and was a huge success. All the NFL players worked out with the kids as well as coached them through drills. Besides just working out, each NFL player also spoke to the group of kids about their personal experiences growing up and making it to the league.
One of the speakers that was at the camp and spoke to the kids was Philly’s own Maxwell Brown. Maxwell Brown is a man from Philly that has lived a hard and real life. He served time in Prison for a very serious crime, but when he came out he completely changed his life and started working for the mayor. Checkout his powerful motivational speech!!
This Video was Shot by aPhillyated Films and Edited by Rick Dange.

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