Kyle Rapps – Perverse Ramblings (Album Stream)

November 16, 2017 0

unnamed-8-500x500 Kyle Rapps - Perverse Ramblings (Album Stream)

Perverse Ramblings is the work of a Hip-Hop eccentric with no contemporaries. While your favorite emcee may drop a handful of sex fueled rhymes here or there, they’ve got nothing on Kyle Rapps. The Mexico-dwelling artist has outfitted his latest project with layers of not just over-the-top sexuality, but bits and pieces of humanity. And it’s those snippets of reality that truly ground Perverse Ramblings, all while making it Rapps’ best work yet.


If you’ve been following the rapper-producer’s singles this past year, chances are you’ve been anticipating the album’s release with fervor. Each single, from “Fiction” to “Eulogy,” displayed hints of what to expect from the full project both lyrically and sonically. This is actually Rapps’ first time producing his own entire effort, and he’s got some serious chops. Not only is his production style perfectly tailored for his eccentric vocals, but he brings a cohesive vision fueled by noisy synthetics and hard-hitting percussion.


Also, on those aforementioned tracks, Rapps displayed his ability to blend sexed-up bravado with real-life pain, something he really brings to light on “Touch.” Take these lines, for instance: “My mother died of cancer but I’m not looking for no pity/ I’m just movin’ through the city lookin’ for somethin’ real pretty/ When it comes to bein’ a boyfriend, I’m real shitty/ ‘cuz I cheat and act real pissy.”


It’s not all doom and gloom for Rapps, however, because he’s equally as deft at providing levity. That goes for when he turns classic rock songs upside down on “Hallelujah,” “Dust,” and “Horse,” in addition to this fantastic bit from the single “Fiction”: “Woke up to my neighbors playing 36 Chambers/ Then my ex bust through the door like Kramer/ Danger.”


As you may have noticed, Perverse Ramblings no doubt stays true to part of its name (the perversion), but these are not mere ramblings. Rapps is telling a clearly outlined story here, and it’s one of love, pain, heartbreak, and more sex than you could possibly imagine. If that’s not something you can relate to on some level, maybe you just need to marinate on this one.


Perverse Ramblings is now available through all major digital retailers and streaming platforms via Rapps’ own imprint, courtesy of EMPIRE Distribution.

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