Boldy James – Maserati Rick

February 24, 2017 0

Screen-Shot-2017-02-24-at-10.38.11-AM-500x500 Boldy James - Maserati Rick

Boldy James salutes Detroit drug lord Maserati Rick, also known as the “Eastside King of Crack,” on the hard-hitting track. Maserati Rick is a legendary figure in the Motor City, as he controlled one of the most prominent underground networks. The song aligns with the theme of Boldy’s upcoming House of Blues, as he explains one of its inspirations comes from “a particular period in my life in Detroit where me and my big brother Blue used to sell blue pills out of a blue house on a street called Blue Hill, with a blue pitbull.”

James surprised fans earlier this year with his Art of Rock Climbing EP and a string of videos. On Monday 2/27, he’ll be sharing House of Blues, a hard-hitting project has Boldy shedding light on his experiences in the streets, messing with drug trade, and going out to chase that cash.

Listen below to his latest.

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