Kyle Bent – Love Someone

March 27, 2017 0

KB-500x500 Kyle Bent - Love Someone

Los Angeles CA & Boston MA based Hip-Hop artist, Kyle Bent announces his release “Love Someone”. Love Someone expresses the cycle your emotions go through when you are in a relationship. “Looking back on all your past or current relationships, how do you know if you love someone? Do you understand what the meaning of your love is, and is it meant to be” – Kyle Bent. Love Someone gives you the sense of understanding what love really means to someone, and how each person feels different. This song will keep love on your mind and stir those emotions that you may have tucked away.

Kyle proves his large range of style, from heavy hitting songs such as “Something different” to slower songs such as “childhood” or “Love Someone”. Kyles ability to influence his range of songs with his spiritual mind is surprising for such a young hip-hop artist. This leaving his fans satisfied from party songs to slow songs while spreading a positive message.

Kyle plans on dropping an EP early this summer, and we heard through the grape vine he will be jumping on a tour in the New England area shortly after. Kyle had a strong year of releases in 2016, and has a lot in store for 2017. Kyle has a packed schedule this year, rumor has it he is gearing up to release new tracks produced by Pro Era’s, Powers Pleasant. He’s proven to be “one of the more popular and harder working indie artists in the game,” according to Hip-Hop Vibe. Kyle Bent has been attracting the attention of many artists in the Hip-Hop scene, and is definitely someone to keep your eye on in 2017!

Listen below.

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