SB – Land of Black Gold

June 26, 2017 0

LOBG-single-cover-hi-res-cover-500x500 SB - Land of Black Gold

SB gives us the green light to exclusively premiere his new record “Land of Black Gold.” Here’s what he had to say about the single;

“The idea for the song in of itself came from the actual album title. As a teenager I’ve always been a fan of comics and there was this particular line of comics with a recurring character – Tintin I read voraciously. Years later, I’d discover the comic had racist depictions of black folks in some of its issues. One of the comic books in the series went by a similar title which I re-imagined for my self as a story of, for and about black wealth. I began writing the song with Haiti in mind. As I read up on Haiti I realized how sinister the plot to subject people from across the diaspora to what seems like an endless cycle of poverty and western dependence had become. This song serves as the primer for the album and my perspective as an artist.”

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