St. Louis Rapper LIL STL Is Buzzing Rapidly. Tune In For His Brief Chat With HHS1987

August 23, 2017 0

image-87-1024x684-500x334 St. Louis Rapper LIL STL Is Buzzing Rapidly. Tune In For His Brief Chat With HHS1987

From dropping mixtape projects with renowned names in Hip-Hop, to recently being featured on Sway In The Morning, St. Louis newcomer Lil STL has made quite the name for himself. There aren’t many artists out there still on the come up who can say they’ve had their projects hosted by both Bigga Rankin, DJ Holiday, AND DJ Smallz. That takes WORK.. and Lil STL has been grinding, putting in just that.

His recent visit to the infamous Sway In The Morning show sparked off a new untapped buzz for the rising artist, and before he got too busy in working on his new body of work, HHS1987 got up with STL for a brief chop up. Peep the dialogue below as well as his most recent music video, “Whitney Bobby”.

How did you begin rocking with your stage name, Lil STL?

I migrated from St.Louis, MO to Alabama during my high school years, and so the kids couldn’t pronounce or say my name correctly so they began calling me Lil St.Louis / LilSTL

Can you recall some of your first jabs at your rap career?

I remember me and a few of my friends actually putting in physical foot work walking and goin from car to car selling CD’s wit only like 2 songs on it!!! And as a result of that built a crazy local buzz and presence threw out the high schools and community!!

Talk about the music scene in St. Louis, coming up under the foundation Nelly, The St. Lunatics & etc created for the demographic. How does that affect you as an artist?

It’s actually motivating to come from where a legend and iconic group such as Nelly and the St.Lunatics and was also fortunate enough to have the chance to work and travel wit Nelly and the Lunatics!! As far as the st.louis scene go right now though, it’s wide open here in St. Louis!!

Talk about your style of music. From what I’ve heard on your Soundcloud it seems like you fall in line with the energy of music that’s contributing to the “trap” genre that has recently formed..

It’s safe to that!!!! If I were to describe my sound and style of music in one word it would be “UNCUT”

Who are some of your favorite rappers & why?

2Chainz / personality, Stage presence, Crazy lyrical!!!
UGK / Super original
Drake / this MF drake ain’t never had a wack verse LMAO

What’s life like for Lil STL when touring? You’ve been on the Road with some heavy-hitting artists. Talk about that a bit.

Life on da road is a challenge but it is definitely exciting!!! I’ve also toured with artist such as 2chainz, Pusha T, and August Alisina!!!!
(2 Good to be Tru Tour) (Freebase Tour)

Talk about your mixtape process. You’ve gotten your projects hosted by notable DJ’s like DJ Holiday, Bigga Rankin. That’s major

I made sure I embodied the streets as well as feed them at the same time on all my Mixtapez!! I’ve worked with djs such as dj smalls, swamp izzo, Bigga Rankin, etc…..

Talk about your latest release, “Whitney & Bobby”

“Whitney & Bobby” is a hustla’s anthem!!! I named it Whitney and Bobby to relate both male and female on the hustling aspect!!

How do your fans receive your music? Talk about some outlandish moments with fans if you can..

I have loyal fans!! Might sound crazy but I already got a female fan that has tatted “LiLSTL” on their breast!

What can we expect from Lil STL for the rest of 2017? Working on any new music?

Working on “MDGDAMOB 2” at the moment!! U can definitely expect more touring, merch, and more collaborations with some of ya favorite artist!!!

Leave a few words for the people

Can’t Spell Hustle w/o da STL!!!


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