Tuki Carter – Commando

February 16, 2017 0

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Following December’s The Tuki Toker Tape, ATL rapper and tattoo artist Tuki Carter is gearing up for his official debut album Flowers and Planes, slated to release on April 7th. “The concept of Flowers and Planes is deeply personal but is relatable at the same time. It’s based on weed but you don’t have to be a smoker to relate–anyone who appreciates art, dreams, and aspirations will vibe to it. I know this because people from all walks of life have been buying my merch, which has a simple graphic of a flower and a plane, and it’s probably successful because it doesn’t scream ‘WEED’ all up in your face; it’s simply a nice piece of art. Do they know that the flower part represents buds and the plane is a euphemism for rolling papers? Maybe not and I like it like that. You don’t necessarily need to be direct or literal with art. Sometimes the best examples of art are ones that can be interpreted in several ways with no right answer.”

Produced by Big Jerm, “Commando” is a furious banger with booming bass and sputtering hi-hats. An intriguing sign of the album to come, “Commando” shows Tuki Carter leveling up to a new echelon of artistry, laying down rapid-fire punchlines like a machine gun. A gregarious stoner and a tireless creative, Tuki Carter is a unique figure in the world of Hip-Hop. Combining passions for music, marijuana, and tattoo artistry, Tuki blazes his own trail under the Taylor Gang umbrella.

Listen below.

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