Tommy: America’s Favorite Assassin

March 15, 2017 0

TOMMY-3 Tommy: America's Favorite Assassin

Below is a transcript of the Power Season 2 Episode 10 “Ghost is Dead” when he sees Holly for the first time since she spoke with the Feds.

Tommy: “I’ll give you a head start, cause when I catch you it’s not going to be good.
Holly: Ghost sent me away. I didn’t want to leave you. He made me go.
Tommy: You better get your lying, gold digging, snitching ass off from here, or I will choke you out in front of God and everybody.
The above exchange was between Tommy and his current/former girlfriend Holly. That “one” scene highlighted the cold-blooded mentality of “Tommy.”  It doesn’t matter who it is in his world no one is safe if he feels otherwise. That’s why he’s America’s favorite assassin.  Tommy represents the entire culture of #GETRICHORDIETRYIN from every streets guy’s perspective.  Being fearless in the face of death, having zero f*cks for the assumed authority in charge, living fast and understanding the full level of sacrifice for the drug game without a second thought.  When the sun rises, Tommy is already planning his third move of execution and testing his mental psyche for today’s warfare.  Tommy’s life birthed from hell, drug use, parental failures, lack of education, and constant in human change under ferocious pressure.  Tommy character is color-blind, and his chief focus is building his empire and annihilating everyone or object within his course of dominance.  Tommy invented the term Y.O.L.O. (You Only Live Once) and to understands the full meaning and ultimate consequence in the end.
On the scripted TV series #POWER Tommy is the most feared force on the streets and manages all five boroughs in NYC.  All high-level criminals have “masterminds” and create unconventional multi-million dollar organizations which push the boundaries of possibilities.  Tommy’s brain is wired 100% to the streets which enables him to have no human conscience and one direction in every moment of his life.  As I watch hours of viral footage on Tommy during my #POWER TV marathon, I try to ascertain what are Tommy’s weaknesses or vulnerabilities.  The only weakness of Tommy in my mind is his disconnect with human society.

He has no regard for anyone because his life was fueled by hatred, pain, and life scars that will never heal.  In a flash, Tommy will laugh and break bread with his crew at the height of their success and in a milli-second blow the brains out of his most “assumed” trusted soldier.  The brilliance of all mastermind criminals is their unparalleled insanity.  Their world is controlled chaos at the highest level of operation and planned execution.  Tommy’s role on #POWER TV is the most vicious and violent fueled character alive.

No other character on TV balances wild emotion, gritty violence, organized crime, and the symbolism of a sex figure like Tommy.  They say the eyes are the window to the soul, and Tommy’s eyes reveal the struggle, compromise, denial, triumph, and fear at the core of America’s society.  Tommy is the backbone of the criminal underworld and people like him will always exist.  America will never admit it publicly, but our entire justice and basic civilization are centered around the movements of individuals just like Tommy.  Hollywood and TV doesn’t have a character like him, nor can they create one.  The reason why is because Joseph Sikora, Courtney Kemp Agboh, and Curtis Jackson were aligned by the universe for the Starz Network.  Joseph Sikora is America’s favorite assassin.  #TEAMTOMMY

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