Maryland Artist Mikey Mike Is Wanted After His Latest Rick Rubin Collaboration (Video)

April 13, 2017 0

Maryland producer/recording artist Mikey Mike is on the run. Apparently he has a gang of baby momma’s in cahoots with each other, all coming for that check. The movement is being called “M.A.M.M. (Mothers After Mikey Mike)”.

His recent collaboration with Rick Rubin, Doin’ Me pretty much articulates his feeling on this matter, as well as flow of life itself.. making it very clear that he’s going to live free no matter how much debt he accumulates. His BM’s can’t hold him back (haha).

We had the chance to speak with Mikey Mike for a brief conversation, and asked him questions like how his production credits showed up on Rihanna’s “Unapologetic” album with “Jump,” His M.A.M.M. campaign, working with Rick Rubin, and more. 
Tune in up top for the full dialogue to the conversation, and listen below for his contrary new offering. 

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