O.C. – Same Moon Same Sun: A New Dawn (Album Stream)

February 20, 2018 0

O.C. continues his epic Same Moon Same Sun saga with a thrilling second installment, A New Dawn, that finds the veteran kingpin exploring politics, Hip-Hop, relationships, and other topics with his trademark next-level pen game.


The album is rooted in observations and storytelling, two elements of O.C.’s overarching skill set that shape the way he approached crafting these songs. Speaking on his process, he notes that he wants to emphasize the topics that people can really relate to, whether talking about maintaining artistic passion on “John Wick” or what it’s like to pursue a relationship on “Exhale.”


“My headspace has been fixed on everything that’s going on in the world from politics to racism, religion and just where we are as human beings living and breathing under the same sky,” O.C. explains. He adds that it all fits into the broader release of the Same Moon Same Sun trilogy, because he has “an endless amount of real life situations to speak on.”


Details aside, it’s safe to say that you know an album is a cut above when even the interstitial tracks are fire—like the brassy, contemplative “Interlude.” While a big reason for that is O.C.’s engaging lyricism and dynamic delivery, “Interlude” and other cuts on A New Dawn remain in your brain thanks to the musicianship of Motif Alumni, who produced a majority of the album alongside Gwop Sullivan, Dark Keys, and O’s long standing D.I.T.C. cohort, Showbiz.


Together, they provide a sound that blends the modern and old-school vibes that fans of O.C. will no doubt love, but he’s quick to make it clear that he’s not stuck in some past mindset. “I consider myself as an artist, period. I’m not a ‘90s artist if i’m still making music 20 years later,” he says. “Some people get stuck in time, I haven’t—that’s the difference between me and some others.”


Same Moon Same Sun: A New Dawn is now available through all digital retailers and streaming platforms via Slice Of Spice/D.I.T.C.

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