SunN.Y – SunN.Y.’s Revenge (EP)

February 19, 2018 0

unnamed-14-500x281 SunN.Y - SunN.Y.'s Revenge (EP)

SunIzOut released his latest Album “SunN.Y.’s Revenge”. Its not about the paper, Nas said it best “You do this with or without a deal”. By the tone, Sun is showing again his love for The Culture overrides all!!! The highlight records like “One Leaf Dutch produced by DJ Nugz is RAW in texture of sound and vibe! The track takes you for a smoked out ride through Rochester, NY’s SouthWest side of town. While the hustling stoner, sips Champagne and gives insight to his campaign! “Ghetto Gossip” the lead single is a tale of a hustlers passion for an escape out. Until then his faith in the back streets of Rochester just seems more promising. “Killa Blues”, lets just say you had to be there.


The production line up stars the leading pitcher The Kid Nigel hailing from The Chi. Known for producing on Book Of Daniel, SunN.Y.’s previous release. Nigel lead that project as well with the single “I Am I”, to return and do “Ghetto Gossip” and “Tables Turn” ft. World Famous DJ Ease!


Sun reached out to fellow 585er Coach Parsells who crafted “Killa Blues and “Lets Talk About It” which we feel is the STAND OUT RECORD on “SunN.Y.’s Revenge”. With a jewel dropped by The World Famous Madd DJ, DJ NABS! Not to say SunN.Y. may be looking for a lil commercial love with this one, but if a BIGGER artist had this exact track and rhyme they’d have a song for the SPRING/SUMMER SEASON! The closer produced by non other World Famous DJ Shakim, “PTSD” (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) is a personal view of how “The Life” and making an adjustment from The Street to Legitimizing your lifestyle can take its toll. Along with the everyday struggles brother, sister, and the people endure. The Sun don’t shine forever, while its here Hip Hop & SunN.Y. will Shine together. The Sun. Iz. Out. once again and we don’t see it setting no time soon…

Checkout SunN.Y’s new project ‘SunN.Y’s Revenge’ below.

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