Houston Native Soody Soo Used Drugs To Tell His Story On “187 Flow”

February 9, 2019 0

Houston native Soody Soo’s high inclination for prescription narcotics led him to the release of his latest single “187 Flow.” If you’re a hip-hop head and is familiar with West Coast legend Spice1, then you’ve heard his hit “187 Proof.” Spice 1 made an entire song that vividly told a story using the names of alcohol beverages, Soody Soo just did a metaphorical pill version of that. Using Molly, Percocets, Xans, and the majority of other drugs to creatively convey a lyrical story.


The track has been receiving a solid rollout thus far, including a co-sign from the preeminent DJ Michael “5000” Watts, calling it “the epitome of what happens when you combine lyrical prowess with a few hard-hitting punchlines.” Take a listen to the GNB-produced track and tell us what you think.

(Words via Kevin Keise)

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