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The MTV 2008 Hottest MC’s

@BWyche May 18, 2008 0

Click each name to read MTV’s rationale. 1. Kanye2. Jay-Z3. Weezy4. Rick Ross5. Snoop Dogg6. 50 Cent7. Lupe Fiasco8. Young Jeezy9. Andre 300010. T.I. The top three I have no problem with. I feel

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Rick Ross Weighs In On MC's Hottest

@BWyche May 17, 2008 0

As MTV prepares to premiere their popular “Hottest MCs In The Game” show tonight, Rick Ross gave the program props as he compared the set-up as similar to the classic Hip Hop ciphers. “I

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The Next Hit (Feat. N.O.R.E, Rick Ross, Flo-Rida, & More) [Movie Trailer]

@BWyche May 14, 2008 0

Cast: Lisa Turtle (Lark Voorhies), Fredro Starr, Rick Ross, Flo’Rida & Noreaga Supporting Cast: Poet, Lakeith, Nas-tee, Gorilla Tek & Trak

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Promo Videos of Lil Wayne and Rick Ross for MTV’s Hottest MCs List

@BWyche May 13, 2008 0

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Tiger Attack on Rick Ross Video Set

@BWyche May 9, 2008 0

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Ace Hood (Feat. Rick Ross & T-Pain) – Cash Flow *World Premiere*

@BWyche May 4, 2008 0

DJ Khaled Showing Why He Signed Ace Knock Knock Bang Bang Where the cash at? Khaled signed Ace because if you heard him spit for the first time you would think he was Lil

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Rick Ross Sparks His Blunt Off A Brick Of Cash!

@BWyche May 2, 2008 0

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Rick Ross Says He'll Pass On Buffie The Body & More

@BWyche April 3, 2008 0

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