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January 21, 2008 0

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peedi Peedi Crakk Interview

Why aren’t you mad at Jay-Z now?

Because at the time when I was upset about it, it was when he had me under the impression that he had my back. So I felt kind of betrayed. I felt as though he was saying, “Fuck me.” But now it’s to the point where I’m over it now. I’m over it now and I gotta move on. So I’m not upset no more. At the end of the day, I’m still Peedi Crakk. It don’t take nothing away from me.

It was just an opportunity for me at the time to move my career further because everybody’s waiting for the P. Crakk album and it would definitely be one of my biggest moves to have an album available in stores internationally. That would definitely take my career to the next level and Hov had the ability to do that for me and he was ignoring me and that had me heated.

Now he left Def Jam and whatever the case may be, I have to keep it moving. I realize that my career doesn’t revolve around Rocafella and Def Jam and Jay-Z. Peedi Crakk is Peedi Crakk. When you think of Peedi Crakk, you don’t say, “Oh yeah, the kid from Rocafella.” No, you say, “It’s just Peedi Crakk now.” I got my own identity. It don’t bother me. If I really needed Rocafella or Def Jam to be successful, I would be upset because I would feel like I lost out. But I’m still hot as shit. I’m still hot. And the fans, I don’t know why, but the fans, they still love me.

Why did your album get shelved at Def Jam?

Honestly, to be honest, my opinion is business-wise, I don’t see why you wouldn’t put a Peedi Crakk album out, as far as it being lucrative for the label. I don’t see why you wouldn’t make that decision, business-wise. Just from the anticipation and the controversy surrounding the wait around my album and business-wise, if they were to have dropped the album, it would have been successful. Even if it didn’t go through the roof and was the biggest thing for me, it would have done well though. I don’t think it would have flopped.

I think more personally, Jay didn’t favor putting my album out personally because of some personal differences between me and him. I did an interview awhile back and they asked me a few questions about Jay. I’m not sure who I did it with. The interview was well-heard. It didn’t go unheard. A lot of people read it and I got a lot of calls. It stirred up a lot of shit. When I did the interview, they asked me about Jay being the president up at Def Jam and I told them that I appreciated him more as an artist. They asked me to elaborate and I told them the reason why I appreciated him as an artist was because I felt he was at his best as Jay-Z. As Shawn Carter, the president of Def Jam, we didn’t see him doing what we expected to see him do. I’m not speaking just about me. He wasn’t the boss that we all expected him to be up there.

I expressed that in the interview and he got offended by that. He called me and he asked me why I was saying those things about him. I wasn’t saying it in an offensive way. It was just my opinion. He was telling me that these people were just using me for information and that I should just keep my mouth shit. I think I pressed a button. I think I offended him. I think I said he had too much going on in his life and he couldn’t focus on running a company of that magnitude and I think he felt that I was discrediting him. I wasn’t. It was just my opinion at the time and I’m always going to voice my opinion. But I believe that’s what kind of altered our relationship. We used to be real cool. I used to be able to call him and ask him for advice on shit and he would call me. But after he called me about that interview, I never talked to him again and he wouldn’t receive none of my calls no more. He never called me again. I never heard nothing from nobody at Def Jam again. I believe that’s why the album at Def Jam didn’t drop.

Do you think Jay is really that sensitive?

Yeah. I don’t think he’s sensitive to people saying shit about him because people always say negative shit about him. It wasn’t the fact that I was saying something about him. I think it’s the fact that it was so truthful. Because it was me saying it, it was more relevant and more truthful to the fans because I was actually there. I think that’s what bothered him more as opposed to a critic saying something about him or just a knucklehead saying something about him. It was Peedi Crakk saying something about him so it must be true. I think that’s why it offended him and I think that’s why he took it more to heart.

I think he felt a little betrayed, kind of. But he don’t understand that that wasn’t my intentions to be this back-biting person to talk bad about him in an interview. It’s just that was just what was going on in my life. Even talking to you now, I’m not going to bite my tongue. He could fuck my career up even more. They don’t want to let me out of my contract. They don’t want to drop the album but they don’t want to let me go neither. So I know by saying this shit now he could do it but I don’t give a fuck. It’s not beneficial for me to keep my mouth shut. If we were doing good up there, I would zip it and shut the fuck up. But we’re not doing good up at Def Jam. It’s not beneficial for me to shut up. So why not air my opinion out? I would rather air it out now than regret not saying anything.

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