Soulja Boy Talks About His New Album “Back To School”

May 17, 2008 0

MTV News caught up with Soulja Boy in Atlanta last week, where he talked about his upcoming 2nd LP, Back To School. According to MTV News, in addition to the project, which will drop around the time students head back to school (think late August/early September), he’s also “dropping the Soulja Boy sunglasses, his own signature shoes called Yums, as well as a cartoon titled ‘Bad Little Homies’ about him and his friends. Not to be left out is the ever-essential clothing, S.O.D.s. It’s named after his record label, Stacks on Deck. On deck are his protégés the All-Stars. Topping it all off will be the Soulja Boy and Friends Tour, featuring himself and other young acts.” And this time around, he may also collaborate with more people. Soulja said:

“[This time,] I’mma look around [for tracks], whether it’s a producer like Polow or a producer nobody ever heard of. For my fanbase, people who tune in to Soulja Boy, I think a good feature would be me and Chris Brown. Soulja Boy featuring Chris Brown — my audience would be like, ‘Oh my God!”


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