Lil Wayne Speaks On Addiction, R&B Album & More

February 27, 2008 0

weezy Lil Wayne Speaks On Addiction, R&B Album & More
Lil Wayne has become one of the most prominent figures in Hip Hop with his undeniable grind and persistence. This has enabled him to garner acclaim from the streets and from critics, resulting in major attention. But, he’s also gotten this attention because he is a complicated figure, with alleged addictions and rumors of girlfriends here and there. In a recent interview with Blender, Wayne spoke on all of this and more.

First, he let people in on a dependency issue he has with promethazine codeine cough syrup. “If I go off it,” he admitted to the magazine, “I go into withdrawal.”

Later in the interview, Wayne spoke on aspirations.

“Fuck it, I’m not even a rapper. I’m past that…I’m an R&B singer now. Call me T-Wayne,” he said, after previewing a new song in which he sings with a vocoder. “I have an album coming out called Luv Sawngz. It’s me being more creative, more talented, more than hip-hop.”

He even spoke up on the infamous photograph of him and Baby kissing.

“Every nigga talking shit about me? All of they bitches would love to kiss me right now.”

Although many chose not to speak on these matters, Wayne also discussed his violent tendencies.

“My mama’s a gangsta…She told me every day, ‘Nigga play with you, you kill him.’ I believed her, and I do everything she say.” He told the journalist he was being interviewed by, while pointing at his tattooed tear drops. “You see these four? Lord, forgive me. But guess what, you play with me, I’ll knock your head open and piss on your motherfucking eyes.”

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