Pharrell invests in cutting edge fabric company Bionic Yarn

December 10, 2008 0

yarn1 Pharrell invests in cutting edge fabric company Bionic Yarn
Pharrell officially added another business venture to his resume as he is now part owner and investor of the NY based textile company Bionic Yarn. The relatively new company uses a cutting edge technology to make fabric out of recycled plastic bottles which creates a greener and more eco friendly textile. In a recent press release Pharrell stated:

“We were just looking at this new canvas that is amazing. Basically, the denim is still denim, the cotton is still cotton. The process to make the Bionic Yarn makes it extremely durable and gives it a really luxurious feel. When my partners at BBC/Ice Cream felt the Bionic Yarn cotton, they couldn’t believe how smooth it feels.”

Pharrell was so impressed with the material that he used Bionic Yarn in a couple of his current BBC clothing pieces namely the $375 Digi-Jack Zip Hoodie. Since Pharrell is now part owner he will be using more of Bionic Yarn is his own fashion designs as well as looking for opportunities to expand beyond the business.

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