Sears shutting down LL Cool J Clothing line

April 28, 2009 2


ll Sears shutting down LL Cool J Clothing line  In case you haven’t noticed, LL has basically been silent about his Sears clothing line for the past year…and for good reason. A source at the apparel buying department at Sears has exclusively revealed to us that the LL Cool J clothing line is indeed shutting down due to a lack of sales and forced cutbacks from the Recession. We got the drop way back in February but now it looks like it’s official.

The benefit to the consumer though is that Sears is drastically cutting prices of all LL Cool J branded apparel from 50%-75% off to clear all existing in-store inventory. Check the official Sears site to directly purchase. Sears had invested millions in bringing LL in as an official spokesperson which included ad campaigns and in-store merchandising. Unfortunately the Recession took a big hit out of his sales and the label never recovered.

Some how I think LL will get over it. Wait…he already did. LL will be starring in the upcoming “NCIS” spin off TV show later this year.


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