@MissFeesa On One Life to Live on ABC

March 23, 2011 0

Nafessawhilliams-300x199 @MissFeesa On One Life to Live on ABC


Many may know Nafessa Williams born and raised in Philadelphia, but many may not know of the amazing opportunity that has taken place in her life. Nafessa started acting 5 years ago, traveling from New York from Philly daily chasing her dream of becoming an actress. When one door closed Nafessa didn’t let that hinder her from making her dreams her reality.  Today, that drive and dedication has landed her a role on a 40 year running daytime soap show called, One Life to Live.  She will be playing a character named, Deanna Forbes an old girl from James past who moves into town. Nafessa Williams originally was scheduled to do only 3 episodes on the show, but they loved her so much they offered her a 4 year contract. I must say, I love my hometown right now. The radio stations, news stations and residents of Philadelphia are showing Nafessa Williams so much love. I think it’s very important for Philadelphia to support it’s own rising talents.  So everyone please watch or DVR/TIVO Nafessa’s big break in her acting career. She appears on the show for the first time today. One Life to Live  airs regularly Weekdays @ 2pm on ABC and Weeknights @ 9pm on SOAPnet

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