Cam’ron And Queen Latifah Form New Film Company

October 13, 2011 0

What? A Cam’ron (@Mr_Camron) Question on Jeopardy (Video) reports:

Cam’ron has formed a new joint venture with Queen Latifah and business partner Shakim Compere, that will produce a new flick starring the Harlem, New York, rapper.

The new company, name KFU Productions, is a new joint venture between Cam and his longtime partner Jacob York’s Killa Films and Queen Latifah’s Flavor Unit Films.

The two companies have joined forces to produce a new movie titled “Percentages” that will feature Cam’ron in the starring role.

The movie centers around two New York hustlers on the run from a drug deal gone bad.

“Ant” and “Carter” move south to Miami. The pair are not content to lay low with family, so the long time partners quickly build a new empire in the world of credit fraud.

As the business grows, so does the unwanted attention from law enforcement and Miami’s most notorious criminals.

“Cam did the story, and then we brought in a writer to really tighten the script,” Jacob York told “The movie was originally supposed to be the follow up to Killa Season, but we decided to make a brand new movie since the script was so good.”

Cam’ron on the set of Percentages

Cam has the lead role in “Percentages,” which also boasts a number of high-profile co-stars, including Ving Rhames, Macy Gray, Donnell Rawlings, Melinda Williams, K.D. Aubert, Omar Gooding, Robert Wisdom, and others.

The movie is being shot on location predominantly in Miami, as well New York, where Queen Latifah and Shakim Compere recently relocated their Flavor Unit company.

“Queen Latifah and Shakim Compere have a soundstage here in Miami and this is first film that they are developing on the new soundstage, in conjunction with the KFU Production company,” Jacob York told “Our aim is to develop high quality film projects over the next 24 months.”

Additionally, Cam’ron will create and oversee the soundtrack to “Percentages,” which is slated for a nationwide theatrical in 2012.


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