Introducing The iPhone 4S (THE BEST iPHONE YET!!!) (Video)

October 5, 2011 0

The iPhone 4S is still a substantial upgrade on an already near-perfect iPhone. The iPhone 4S has twice the processing power (which means it will run faster, switch between apps faster, and will be less likely to freeze), up to 7* graphics capability (this means that videos will be crystal clear, video games will look like PS3 & Xbox 360 games BUT ON AN iPhone), two antennas for better reception (less dropped calls, faster time to send tweets because it will get twice the service), an 8MP camera with 1080p HD video recording with stabilization (better camera, faster shutter speed aka it will take higher quality pictures .5second faster), and Siri – a remarkable voice assistant tool.

NOT TOO MENTION iOS5 offers 200 new features that works on all previous iPhones, iPod touches & iPads BUT WILL BE EVEN BETTER ON THE NEW iPhone 4S!!!

step0-iphone4s-gallery-image1_GEO_US Introducing The iPhone 4S (THE BEST iPHONE YET!!!) (Video)

I think that the negative reaction to the iPhone 4S wouldn’t be as strong if Apple introduced a tweaked design or a larger screen. People would have been more excite if Apple named it the iPhone 5 and gave it  a slight different look. The ONLY reason its not called an iPhone 5 is because it doesn’t look different on the outside. Most people like having new phones every year anyways so don’t say Im going to stick with my iPhone 4 because you know you want this. Most people with Androids and Blackberry’s purchase a new version of their phone from year to year anyways.

Personally, I think the design of the iPhone 4 is perfect and a larger screen isn’t that much of a deal breaker for me.


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