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Nas being the voice of the ghetto still, historical refrences and samples, the master of his craft and a blessing to have the production behind it to bring it to life. Nas known to have picked up instruments at the age of 3 and he’s been creating with no outside influence ever since. Nas used to draw comics in his youth and manipulate the story to make it of his life, what he witnessed outside. Taking that same ability and painting his visuals with words like no other til this day.

The intro, for those who dont know history, revolution of our culture and understanding of oneself. Nas has always given us the real in every bar and has yet to fail us. Major upgrade from the previous album which I felt did not match the updated sound and message he needed. Yet the lyrics are always undeniable this new album is going in the playlist with Illmatic and few other albums you can play without skipping a track.

Teaching history life and truth within our artform that has been tainted by corporate America. Not only is there proof that hiphop will never die, we also see there is a lane and fan base waiting for artist who choose to ramain true to the culture.


For a while I was sold on the turn up, the lit, the bop of the new music and as a fan of art I still respect the current state of hiphop with its vast amount of creatives and styles. But there is always somthing missing on the playlist… “the knowlege”.

“The stupidest part of Africa produced Blacks that started algebra
Proof, facts, imagine if you knew that as a child, bruh
Nostalgia, how I remember things
Remember crowns, remember kings, they want your reign to cease (King)
You a king, you will be next to me, doing your own king shit, most definitely
Well so, say less when I speak, y’all estrogen speak
Respected by kings only, address me as chief” -Nas

If I was to be shot in the streets today, which seems to be the trending way out these days, what can i leave behind that will give my children pride and understanding of self. Religous books and history books constantly being manipulated in this time will surely fail the youth, so why not tell our story as our ancestors did, in art form. The essence of hiphop comes to life when timeless music is created, hits are for radio, hiphop is for life.

“Car 85” deserves an article of its own undoubtably so ima leave this behind the scenes cut here via Charlie Wilson until further notice. This is the record that solidified the vibe of the whole album. For those who live in the city its nothing like blowing some smoke out the window after a long day on the grind. City lights, light traffic and right around the time the police shift switches so you less likely to get pulled over.

For my millenials, you know that one Uber driver who lets you smoke in the car and you can pay in cash cause the uber app be tripping anyway? That is your car 85 and I would be dishonarable not to mention my driver Moh, who’s on call at anytime when i need that car 85.


Not only doing what I wish more artist do, which is feature with true legends and not just who’s trending, but his roster of choice was unflawed with their deliveries. The Firm, (AZ, Foxy Brown & Cormega). Replace Me” feat. Don Toliver & Big Sean another favorite and major for Big Sean approaching his next album release, I’m sure he will return the favor somewhere down the line. “Til The War Is Won” feat. Lil Durk one of my favorites. A very moving record especially in our current fight and struggle, always a great way to reach the youth. Major chess move putting one of thier favorites on some real HipHop records I could only hear Lil Durk or Meek on this. Fivio and Ferg who recently dropped the A$AP off his name got a banger in “Spicey”. Nas did the 808’s the right way and had the hype features to accomadate. Anderson Paak, Brucie B amd Charlie Wilson all came together in a special way to create this classic. Maybe we will get a Lil Baby feature soon to unite the South and North conciously on the greatest platform on earth HipHop.

Big Thank You From HipHopSince1987 Family For Keeping The Vibes High Frequency- 87′

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