iRig Mic Records Right To iPad/iPhone

January 29, 2011 0

image066 iRig Mic Records Right To iPad/iPhone

I know a lot of up and coming rappers and singers checkout my site, so I thought I should post this. If your already on team apple you may consider this accessory. Its good for road trips, recording on the go, airplanes and etc. Im assuming you can listening to instrumentals while your recording. Im sure you won’t get studio quality out of this but it good for those who forget their lyrics and thoughts.

IK Multimedia offers up the iRig Mic unidirectional condensor mic and is designed for singers and vocalists, but can also be used to record speeches, instruments and etc.

The mic works with three official apps: VocaLive, which provides realtime vocal effects and processing, AmpliTube, which enhances instrumental recordings with effects and levels, and iRig Recorder
The mic uses the 3.5mm jack on the iPad/iPhone and has a second jack built in so you can plug in headphones for monitoring audio levels. It will cost $60 when it comes out. Pre-order Here

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