Kanye West is #Winning

March 6, 2011 0

kanye-studio Kanye West is #Winning

Back in June of 2010 a lawsuit was filed against Kanye West for his hit song “Stronger” by a producer and songwriter named Vincent Peters. Peters claimed to have written and produced the song and gave it to a business associate of Kanye’s. An Illinios judge throw the case out stated that the songs were not similar.

The other case involved Suge Knight suing Kanye. The legal battle between Suge Knight and Kanye West has finally come to a quiet end.

The former Death Row Records CEO and gangsta rap kingpin has dropped his appeal in the lawsuit against Kanye West, reportedly reaching a confidential agreement with Kanye’s attorneys to settle his legal costs out of court.

Suge’s appeal came after a Miami federal court judge found the case in Kanye’s favor in November 2010. Suge’s attorneys had argued that Kanye was reponsible for a shooting at a Miami MTV Video Music Awards party he had hosted in 2005, where Suge was shot in the leg and allegedly robbed of a $135,000 diamond earring. Suge sought millions of dollars in damages, claiming Kanye was responsible for the party’s lax security which allowed the shooter to smuggle a gun into the club, and escape without capture.

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