@Quilly_Millz – #NewWave3 In Stores Now

June 4, 2011 122

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Go grab this mixtape now from 215 Swag on 5th & Tabor. Im not sure when it will be on the site, Im waiting for Quilly to give me the go and its posted. Follow Quilly on Twitter @Quilly_Millz but here go a screenpic of the tracklisting. Q Deezy from LA’s Big Boi in the neighborhood cosigned this mixtape.

Screen-shot-2011-06-04-at-2.41.32-AM @Quilly_Millz - #NewWave3 In Stores Now  x2_6ac3bab @Quilly_Millz - #NewWave3 In Stores Now

If I can purchase the cd and mixtape and Im a blogger who downloads everything for free then so can you guys

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