Crooks & Castles x Pure “Smoker’s Set” for 4-20

April 19, 2012 1

crooks-castles-x-pure-smokers-set-for-4-20 Crooks & Castles x Pure "Smoker’s Set" for 4-20

A collaboration between Crooks & Castles and PURE, this smoker’s set features everything an individual needs to smoke products that may or may not be somewhat illegal. 4/20 is a few hours away are you ready???The kit features:

1. Custom 14” 50mm Two-Tone Glass-on-Glass Water Pipe with Detailed Etching. (Includes: Water Pipe, Down Stem, and Bowl)
2. Custom 4-piece 55mm Glass-on-Glass Bubbler with Detachable Tall 5arm Tree Percolator and Mouthpiece. Includes Detailed Etching.
3. A custom 55mm laser edged glass on glass Crooks jar.

Overall, it’s some pretty beautiful hardware with a high level of quality & design. You can pick one up at the Crooks & Castles Shop.

Who will purchase this smokers set from Crooks & Castles x Pure???? Tell us in the comments sections below

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