Gallery Life Clothing Launch Event (Photos)

December 9, 2012 0

Gallery-Life-HHS1987-6 Gallery Life Clothing Launch Event (Photos)

Gallery life is a art inspired brand with most of our pieces being created from original artwork by Saladeen art. Our brand was created to inspire artists from all walks of life and create a venue  for them to highlight their talent.

GalleryLife, is an artistic, effervescent, apparel company whose inspirations originates from everyday life. The founders of GalleryLife desire to bring you unique designs that can never be mimicked nor replicated; therefore, GalleryLife attire that customers purchase are considered collectors items just as if it were a painting!

GalleryLife designs are vibrant variations of mixed colors that attract the eye. The expressions can range from love hate relationships, entertainment, imagination, friendship………….. much more. As you stroll through the site you will feel as if you’re in an actual art gallery, so the founders of GalleryLife say, “welcome to the distinctive world of GalleryLife Clothing, and we urge you to visit daily for new inspired pieces.”

Instagrams: @gallerylifeclothing @saladeenart
Twitter: @gallerylifeC

Photos via Darren Burton (@creativi_d on Twitter)

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