Meet Peanut Live 215 (Full City Paper Interview)

May 10, 2012 1

Peanut-Live-215-Philly-Puppet-Comedy-HHS1987-2012-Cover-Article Meet Peanut Live 215 (Full City Paper Interview)

Peanut Live 215 gets an in-depth interview with City Paper. Few weeks ago I (@BWyche of @HipHopSince1987) was interviewed on behalf of my perspective on Peanut live 215. Checkout a few snippets of the article below.

“I know it sounds cruel, but [Peanut’s] the average low­life, and he’s somebody that everybody who lives in the hood may know,” Brandon Wyche of says. Wyche was one of the first bloggers to post Peanut’s videos. “That’s what I think makes Peanut so funny,” he says. “Seeing Peanut, and him being so close to home, and him using Philly terms makes it unique, and everyone can relate to it.”

Hot 107.9 radio personality QDeezy first discovered Peanut Live 215 through Wyche’s blog. He was instantly a fan. “You kind of get away with things when it’s animated or a puppet,” he figures. “It’s brilliant. … Some of the content is a little vulgar, but it’s entertaining, to say the least.”

“When I came home from jail, my friend said I was a clown,” the puppet says. “Yamean, I was just running around, acting a fool. And they was, like, ‘What if you just run around with a camera all day?'” The resulting two-dozen-plus episodes chronicling Peanut’s doings are completely improvised. The co-stars, all native Philadelphians, generally play themselves. After filming, Peanut Live 215 goes over the footage with friends and editors Data and Skeem. “When the videos get edited and all that, we don’t put in the color correction. It’s live,” Peanut says. “I think it’s just showing Philly. The good and the bad of Philly.” Peanut is proud that his videos have spread through the power of word of mouth. Being regularly featured on and couldn’t have hurt.

Click here to read the full Peanut Live 215 article.

Peanut-Live-215-Philly-Puppet-Comedy-HHS1987-2012-Article Meet Peanut Live 215 (Full City Paper Interview)

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