#DayParty 6/3/12 (Photos)

June 4, 2012 0

DayParty-6-3-12-34 #DayParty 6/3/12 (Photos)

Before I took pictures at the Day Party I snapped a few at The Roots Picnic day 2, so some photos (maybe 15 tops) are from the Roots Picnic 2012 day 2. But the rain only made the Day Party pop if you asked me. So when it rained everyone went inside, and there was no space for people to try and play cool so they were almost forced to dance. It was soooo packed in the downstairs and upstairs part, The Arts Garage had to open up the upstairs venue next door just to give the Day Party more space to party. Yes 3 different rooms filled with people who were dancing, drinking, and having a good time overall. But pictures are worth a thousand words …

#DayParty 6/3/12 (Photos)

DayParty-6-3-12-58 #DayParty 6/3/12 (Photos)

DayParty-6-3-12-61 #DayParty 6/3/12 (Photos)

DayParty-6-3-12-159 #DayParty 6/3/12 (Photos)

DayParty-6-3-12-63 #DayParty 6/3/12 (Photos)

DayParty-6-3-12-114 #DayParty 6/3/12 (Photos)

DayParty-6-3-12-219 #DayParty 6/3/12 (Photos)

DayParty-6-3-12-25 #DayParty 6/3/12 (Photos)

DayParty-6-3-12-125 #DayParty 6/3/12 (Photos)

DayParty-6-3-12-211 #DayParty 6/3/12 (Photos)

DayParty-6-3-12-239 #DayParty 6/3/12 (Photos)

DayParty-6-3-12-66 #DayParty 6/3/12 (Photos)

DayParty-6-3-12-74 #DayParty 6/3/12 (Photos)

DayParty-6-3-12-75 #DayParty 6/3/12 (Photos)

DayParty-6-3-12-84 #DayParty 6/3/12 (Photos)

DayParty-6-3-12-91 #DayParty 6/3/12 (Photos)

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