Super Bowl 46 Giants vs. Patriots: There can only be One! via @Eldorado2452

February 5, 2012 0

SB46-Eli-Tom Super Bowl 46 Giants vs. Patriots: There can only be One! via @Eldorado2452







When the 2011 NFL season began I honestly didn’t see my beloved Philadelphia Eagles second biggest rival suiting up in play in Indy but over the last few weeks not only have I been predicting New York Giants victories I’m also picking them to parade down Broadway.

Eli Manning is showing all his doubters and non-believe not only is he elite but if he can lead the Giants to a win tonight he’ll be ahead of big bro with two championship titles. Although Tom Brady does what only Tom Brady can do, I think the Giants defensive line is hungry and is looking for blood. Victor Cruz and Hakeem Nicks will need to be prepared for a field day against that New England defensive. The Pats have only allowed 15.0 points per game this postseason and I feel a shoot out coming on the field in Lucas Oil.

I rarely bet against Tom Brady and quite honestly there are many scenarios where the Pats could win the Super Bowl. The angel of Patriots’ owner Robert Kraft’s late wife. The break out performance from wide out Chad Ochocinco or just Tom Brady being Tom Brady. Still with that said I’ll take the Giants 35-16 with Eli Manning as the MVP

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