PT (@PT_BAU) – The Declaration (Prod by @BAUSymphony) (Video) (Shot by @PeterParkkerr)

October 28, 2012 2

pt-the-declaration-video-shot-by-peter-parkkerr-HHS1987-2012 PT (@PT_BAU) - The Declaration (Prod by @BAUSymphony) (Video) (Shot by @PeterParkkerr)

Amassing a contagious fan base by overwhelming industry showcase audiences, launching clever grassroots marketing campaigns, and simply being good people, the Business As Usual (BAU) collective has become a movement (see “#Business” trending on Twitter).  Their industrious, magnetic artist known as PT isn’t just an ambassador, but more of a living embodiment of the group’s mission.

“The Declaration” is PT’s latest splash in a cascade of viral videos fostering anticipation for his formal debut album, Anything Goes.  Assumed to be a Hall of Fame quarterback in a former life, it’s no surprise that PT delivers a loaded prologue to his world in less than two minutes…  Songs about the streets, partying and heartbreak are all expected commodities today’s rap game, but it’s exhilarating when an artist can wrap all these experiences with authentic emotions into a single audio masterpiece.  PT’s story is not unfamiliar, but its candid narration by the author is unrivaled.  Be ready.

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