Story (@Story504) – Problematik TV Episode 1 (video) (Shot by @RazorRamon_)

November 13, 2012 0

So over here in Arizona there is a problem with local rappers and the pedestals they place their music on. We all should know by now that this music industry is a game and the ones that figure it out the quickest…win. A lot of money is dished out to make these projects happen and a lot of money is made off them as well. But what people around the way fail to realize is that you may have the hottest bars but if your music aint even mixed down right you aren’t even got a shot. And these labels dont want to baby sit artist anymore like they used too. Now I am positive this goes down in other cities too only because I have witnessed it first hand. the homie Story took to Youtube a few days ago after the TI show in Arizona and gave his opinion on the local Hip Hop Scene. Feel free to leave your comments. #NoGimmicks

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