#TheCOALITION "Draft" (Video) including @ChillMoody, @alwaysABSTRACT, @JustBeano, @RUVILLA and @Curran_J

October 7, 2012 0

thecoalition-draft-via-chill-moody-abstract-thought-beano-villla-and-k-r-t-video-HHS1987-2012 #TheCOALITION "Draft" (Video) including @ChillMoody, @alwaysABSTRACT, @JustBeano, @RUVILLA and @Curran_J

Five of most influential brands (Chill MoodyAbstract ThoughtBeanoVillla and K.R.T.) that are at the forefront of the new renaissance in Philadelphia are all combining our energy and resources to put together to a dope event  titled “Coalition | One” with some of the best, new and up and coming artist and musicians the city has to offer in one place.

First event is October 20th. Each team (five teams) drafts 5 “players” from a pool of DJs, Live Bands, Rappers, Singers, Painters, Graffiti artist etc. Then each team gets 15mins that night to put on the best performance with that team. The winning team gets $1,000.

Check the official announcement video by Spike Jordan below and look for more info on the draft coming up soon.

via KRT

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