AR-AB Talks Cassidy vs Meek Mill, Cass Being Scared To Fight Gillie Da Kid, Jim Jones & More (Video)

January 1, 2013 48

AR-AB sat down with Rick Dange to do a blog for the New Year. He addresses what everyone’s been tweeting him regarding the Cassidy vs Meek Mill beef, his stance on it, and he reveals so much more. Video was shot and edited by HHS1987’s Rick Dange.


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0:35 – Ar-Ab explains why he can’t go at Meek Mill for Cassidy

1:00 – Ar-Ab talks having no problem with Cassidy, fighting a homicide for Cassidy and being broke

1:35 – Talks Meek having real niggas around him

2:35 – Talks taking 13 bullets in 2012

3:11 – “Im not jumping out the window for no one who not going to jump out the window for me”

3:40 – “Meek a real nigga, Cass is just a rapper”

5:00 – Talks Meek niggas get busy, he knows everyone around Cass and they dont get busy.

5:55 – He recalls his recent convo with Cass about the Meek beef

7:00 – Talks being locked up and Cass not putting money on his books, and giving him $200 when he came home

7:45 – Talks Cassidy living off Ar-Ab wreck

8:20 – He talks Cassidy putting an album out about Ar-Ab situation, and he didnt get a dollar

8:55 – Talks Cass can beat Meek in a face to face rap battle

10:05 – He talks Cass buying 10 fake AF1’s off Canal street

12:15 – Ar-Ab talks Cass putting him on but Meek had him buzzing more

13:15 – Talks what he let Cass get away with

13:30 – Talks Cass being scared to fight Jim Jones in a one on one

14:15 – Talks Gillie asked Cass for a rumble and Cass was scared to fight him

16:00 – Talks being broke on Cassidy couch

18:00 – Talks Swizz Beatz and Meek Mill reaching out to him when he was in the hospital bed

19:10 – He talks about his old management leaving him

19:20 – Talks being the Top Goon of Philly and no one challenging him for that title

21:20 – Talks running Philly, new DVD called Goon Story dropping February

23:45 – Talks staying out of the beef

27:00 – Tells Cass to stop claiming his body, and to claim THAT RAPE CHARGE HE GOT

28:30 – He talks about Cass getting locked up for his RAPE CHARGE, you can pull his file

29:45 – Talks pay him for protection

30:30 – Someone talks NH being a RAT, and Dutchie Man aka Dutch ratted too

32:30 – Talks being his homicide charge, and Cassidy not putting money up for his lawyer, doing 2 years fighting the case, and Cass gave him $200 when he came home.

33:45 – He talks Swizz Beatz being a real nigga and how he dont fuck with Cass

34:15 – He talks how Carmelo Anthony wasnt feeling Cassidy raps when they were working together

35:00 – He talks he would of kept quiet if Cass would of fed him

35:45 – He talks Cassidy “Me, Myself & My iPhone”, “Condom Style” being whack and Meek Mill’s “Repo” Cassidy diss track being hot

40:00 – He recaps the entire video

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