Mickey Factz & Jade – Nirvana

January 30, 2014 0

Mickey-Factz-500x363 Mickey Factz & Jade - Nirvana

Mickey Factz provides his fans with the story behind Nirvana.

The opposite of Amnesia is Nirvana. Precize and I wanted to make our own version of Amnesia. I wrote this song very quickly in 2010 and it was supposed to make I’m Better Than You. I added Jade to the song to give it more of a melodic transition. This is one Precize and I’s favorite songs. I just am releasing music to my core fans. I don’t want to hold on to music anymore. If it makes a blog, it does, if not, cool. 600 people heard the last record. So I’m just catering to my people. Enjoy. May put out a record friday. Who knows.


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