Shaheem Reid & Jermaine Hall Dissect Biggie’s “Ready To Die” Album (Video)

September 15, 2014 0

While celebrating hip-hop’s greatest debut on REVOLT Live last week, VIBE’s Editor-in-Chief Jermaine Hall and hip-hop historian Shaheem Reid chimed in on the significance of B.I.G.’s masterpiece and how it was the total package.

“It was intricate, Craig Mack came through with ‘Flavor In Your Ear,’ but once B.I.G. dropped Ready to Die, Puff was here,” said Hall when discussing how the album wound up launching Bad Boy. “It was like Jordan winning the first championship for the Chicago Bulls. It put them on the map,” described Shaheem Reid, before adding, “This was a
game-changing album for all of hip-hop, this was the album that put Bad Boy on the map.”

Check out the full discuss with Shaheem Reid and Jermaine Hall above.

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