Cyhi Da Prynce – Like It or Not (L.I.O.N)

August 12, 2015 0

unnamed-16 Cyhi Da Prynce - Like It or Not (L.I.O.N)

“Like it or Not” is the second track coming from Cyhi The Prynce this summer. Following “Elephant in the Room” and all the assumptions it built, “L.I.O.N. has big shoes to fill. This follow- up track displays Cyhi speaking on real life situations that one may have to deal with whether they like to or not; for example, dealing with police in our communities. In the song, he also touches base upon common topics such as broken families and having deserved something you might not have gotten the recognition for.  The energetic production on “Like it or Not” creates a catchy down south, trap feel without typical, trap lyrics. In a nut shell, Cyhi is done playing and is going for the top spot regardless of the fact that now he’s doing it independent of a label.

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