The Rumors Are Confirmed: Jay-Z & Beyoncé Have Finished Joint Album & Will Release Exclusively Through Tidal! (Video)

April 22, 2015 0

DJ Skee broke the news that Jay-Z & Beyoncé have completed their joint album that has been nothing but a rumor since the possibility sprouted. Before getting to that point of the news, he began the “Red Pill” with the very relevant topic of online streaming–Labels didn’t catch on to its value until it had already immersed itself into the industry as a new wave of music outlets.

Spotify is now the leader in online music streaming, quickly ruling out the likes of Pandora after its emergence. However, people have caught on to its ways & have now invested in ideas to give it a run for its money. Artists such as Taylor Swift have recently removed their music from Spotify, pointing out the fact that the artist makes pennies from its streaming, while the company makes tons.

Jay-Z’s newly acquired online streaming service, Tidal, is aiming to compete. It’s exclusivity is what is currently swaying new consumers to subscribe to the site, which charges $9.99 to explore all featured content. Thus far, it’s premiered records & videos from Beyoncé & Rihanna exclusively, causing subscription rates to inevitably increase. With this new joint album coming soon from The Carter’s, we can expect another spike in subscriptions to occur.

Music is ever-changing, get hip. Stay tuned for that album drop. It’ll certainly break the internet. Subscribe to Tidal here.

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