SNF: Washington Redskins vs. Philadelphia Eagles (Predictions)

December 26, 2015 0

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Tonight the NFC East division is on the line for the Washington Redskins (7-7) as the march into Philadelphia (6-8) to face Sam Bradford and the Philadelphia Eagles. The set up is simple, if Washington wins, they win the NFC East, if the Eagles win, next week the Eagles will face the New York Giants for the division.

Washington has surprised many of their fans and so called NFL expects with their .500 record to this point. Washington quarterback Kirk Cousins has played well this year improving with every snap and he is looking to lead Washington into the postseason. Cousins has 22 touchdown passes on the year and has seemed to have found a chemistry with Washington tight end Jordan Reed. If Washington expects to win tonight’s game Cousins and Reed will need to both have big games.

Chip Kelly and the Philadelphia Eagles have had a rough season this year but the birds can still make it into the playoffs if they win their next two games. Eagles quarterback Sam Bradford has showed signs of being the leader the Eagles need moving into the future and if Bradford wants a big deal this offseason, his two biggest games will be these next two weeks.

Tonight I’m going with the home team. Look for Sam Bradford to come out tonight and toss three touchdown passes. The Eagles running game will get going as well and the surprise of the night will come as DeeMarco Murray rushes for two touchdowns.

Washington 21  Eagles 38


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