Logic Speaks On Some Of The Double-Standards With Remaking Songs In Hip-Hop (Video)

January 13, 2015 0

Logic sat down for an interview with VLAD TV & during their time, the acceptance of remaking songs within genres like Jazz or Country music was brought up in conversation. It was also mentioned that Snoop Dogg was probably the first to do it within hip-hop with his rendition of Doug E. Fresh’s La Di Da Di. After getting a clear take on where the interviewer was going with that, Logic spoke on how he felt about the fact that most artists frown upon & avoid remaking records within hip-hop & how its “stupid” & “primitive.” He was very vocal & intelligent in his way of addressing the matter:

But don’t you think that that’s kind of like—That’s kind of like stupid? That’s primitive.. Personally, I think it’s primitive. I think there’s a difference between ‘Oh, I’m just gonna take this whole dude’s everything. I’m gonna take his story, his style. The this, the that.’ Like you just literally take everything and copy it. That is unacceptable because Hip Hop in fact was built upon fact. But to go like ‘Oh man, I love this Kanye flow’ or some shit like that. To me, Drake is king. To me, in this world of pop and rap and Hip Hop. He’s just been killing it…So, Drake can just take Migos’ whole shit and then do it on like nine songs in the same year. And like two or three times on his album. And that’s cool. No problem. That’s cool. But then J. Cole wanna joke around with the flow on ‘TKO’ and people are like ‘That’s Drake’s flow.’ That’s the shit that’s so weird about this.

Migos flow is of the greatest of examples when refrencing this topic. Most don’t know that 3 6 Mafia was the first to do the “Migos flow,” because they don’t do their research; they go with what standard has now been put into place & he reiterated these facts in the upmost proper fashion.

He also said that his debut album Under Pressure borrowed influence from many different types of artists, so it’s one thing to be inspired & an entire different conversation when you’re biting someone’s style.

I think you should just be honest.. Dude, my album was inspired by so many different things. So many different things. In Hip Hop, outside of Hip Hop. New cats. I mean, everything. Listening to Drake’s melodies or the fact that Kendrick told his story. It made me go ‘Oh wow, I can just tell my story.

Kudos Logic for not being afraid to go against the grain & speak your mind. If you’ve been sleep on this Def Jam artist, it’s time to wake up. Check out his Under Pressure album here.

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